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How it Works

Dollar Shave Club couldn't be simpler. Select one of our great blades, pay only
for the cost of your blades, and we send ’em right to your door every month.

Choose One of Our Great Blades
Quality Razors

Each comes with a FREE compatible handle.

Live the Fresh Blade Shave
Fresh Blades

Blades arrive every month, so you can always treat yourself to a fresh blade shave.

Club Rules
Satisfaction Guaranteed

No fees, no commitment, cancel anytime. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Easy Upgrade and Downgrade
Change Anytime

You’re free to change razor plans anytime. If you do, the new handle is FREE.

Adjust Your Frequency
Bimonthly Option

Don’t shave so often? That’s cool. You can get blades delivered every other month.

Our Products
Our Products

Toss our exclusive, original products in your next box with a click or two. Easy.

By now you’re probably convinced of the wisdom of joining the club.


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