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About Us

The Dollar Shave Club Story

From a small Venice, CA garage... to a larger garage. Still in Venice, CA.

Dollar Shave Club (DSC) is a grooming brand dedicated to helping men live smarter, more successful lives by making and delivering high-quality personal care products, original content, and technology.

In March of 2012, DSC began delivering high-quality razors and cartridge replacements to Members for a few bucks a month. Today, Dollar Shave Club boasts over three million Members and makes over thirty products across five different grooming categories.

The company was founded by Michael Dubin, a first time entrepreneur who got fed up with the the price and frustrating experience of buying razors. At the drugstore, razors are locked inside a plastic fortress, and guys have to track down the clerk to unlock it. If they managed to succeed in that quest, they then had to pay exorbitant prices for the latest “shave technology” that they didn’t need. Dubin knew that he couldn’t be the only one who felt this frustration.