4% of Men Are Getting Their Hair Cut MORE Than Once a Week

Here's how often men go in for a haircut according to our recent survey.

42 men asre having haircut twice

For many dudes, getting a haircut is a necessary evil, rather than something we actively enjoy doing. That’s why we’ll often put off getting it done until it’s already too shaggy—sitting in front of that mirror, draped in a weird cape while a stranger whips clippers in slicing distance of your ears is not the most fun way to spend a Saturday morning. Clearly, however, there are some dudes who do like getting their hair cut—so much so, in fact, that according to one of our recent surveys, 4% of the men we spoke to visit their barber more than once a week.

When we spoken to Cleve McMillan, stylist and DSC’s resident hair expert, he told us that, “There’s really no such thing as going in for a trim too often. I used to have clients that worked as weathermen or news anchormen who would come in literally every seven to 12 days.”

But we were curious: Does getting your hair trimmed that often mean each cut is quicker than usual? According to Cleve, no. “It takes the same time if not a little longer. Usually, these dudes are more particular than women: What I mean by this is that what men see in the mirror while the cut is happening is 100% how it’s going to look when he walks out of the shop. Women go home and play around to get it 100% perfect, but men don’t have that privilege—it has to be perfect as they leave the shop. The only thing that can make it better if it’s not right when they leave is another hair cut.”

It could also, of course, simply be that they enjoy wearing a cape, in which case, there are definitely more fun options out there.