Almost Anyone Can Pull off the Man Bun — Here’s Why

A hairstylist provides tips for achieving the ultimate man bun.

man bun

It would seem that only beautiful buff men with beautiful thick hair can rock the man bun hairstyle without being ridiculed. Men like Brock O’Hurn, who rose to stardom with the help of a video of him tying his long hair into a bun (said video arguably sparked the entire man bun craze). But what about us regular guys with regular hair? Can we pull off the man bun without being compared to a tied-off trash bag (or worse, a measly onion)? Hairstylist Natalie Rose Dixon says, as long as you meet a few minor requirements, you too can look good wearing a man bun.

“If your hair is super curly, it’s probably not going to work for you, unless your curls loosen as they grow,” Dixon explains. “And if your hair is super thin up top, growing it long will probably only accentuate that.” Any other hair (or face, or body) type can pull off some version of the man bun hairstyle, according to Dixon: “As long as you can get a hair tie on there, you’re probably ready to start wearing your hair in a bun.”

If growing your hair long enough to tie it into a man bun is a struggle, follow the steps found in our definitive guide to growing out your hair:

  • Step #1: Have a general idea of what your hair goals are from the start.
  • Step #2: Avoid your barber for at least nine to eighteen months.
  • Step #3: Utilise hair bands and products to survive awkward phases.
  • Step #4: Condition your hair regularly.
  • Step #5: Trim if you must, but no more than four to five millimetres all over.

These tips won’t just keep you motivated throughout the process of going long; they’ll also ensure your hair is healthy when it’s time to bun up.

The Perfect Man Bun
For those who aren’t sure how to tie their hair into a man bun, refer to the above video of O’Hurn, or follow these instructions:

  • Step #1: With a hair tie around your wrist, gather your hair at the top of the head.
  • Step #2: Slip the hair tie around the hair—this should look like a ponytail.
  • Step #3: Fold the ponytail over itself.
  • Step #4: Twist the hair tie, then tie it around the folded section.
  • Step #5: Loosen if necessary—a bun that’s too tight will cause headaches.

(FYI: Cranking sexual music while tying your hair into a man bun is optional).