Can I Just Manscape Part of My Body, or Will That Look Weird?

A professional manscaper shows us how to groom our bodies without looking like we have leopard spots.


Manscaping is an activity that comes with a few risks. While accidentally slicing off your berry basket is unlikely, looking bizarre after only shaving certain parts of your body can easily happen. Is the hairier man doomed to trimming his entire body every time he manscapes? Going by the advice we got from Melanie Mari, owner and trained manscaper at Bare Skin Studio, hirsute readers should start charging up their trimmers.

To avoid looking like the 40-Year-Old Virgin post-wax, Mari suggests really hairy dudes should always blend when they manscape. “Trim down the pelvic hair and the happy trail using a #1 clipper, and trim down the chest and stomach hair using a #2 clipper. Or, if you want to look extra clean, shave the pelvic area with a razor — trimming first to avoid getting hair stuck in your razor — and trim the chest and stomach hair using a #1 clipper.”

For those with especially furry legs and thighs, Mari suggests, “trimming from the knee up using a #1 clipper, and from the knee down using a #2 clipper.” And if you’re into smooth thighs, she says you also have the option of shaving any area that’s usually covered by boxers or briefs with a razor. That’s what we call a silky surprise!

Just remember: There are some simple ways to beat that post-manscape prickle.