Classroom Myths, Busted!

Catapult in hand, we take aim at some well-known school-taught “facts” that desperately need to be shot down.

20 classroom myths

You Only Use 10 Percent of Your Brain
This classic psychology myth is 100 percent false. According to neurologist Aaron Blaisdell, “Our brain cells are all metabolically active all the time, just like all
the cells in our body.” So there’s no mysterious, powerful other 90 percent to unlock—sorry.

The Great Wall of China is the Only Human-Made Structure Visible From Space
Not true. On a clear day, it’s visible from satellites that orbit the Earth, but as Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean confirms, “The only thing you can see from the moon is a beautiful sphere, mostly white, some blue and patches of yellow, and every once in a while some green vegetation. No man- made object is visible at this scale.”

Einstein Was an Average Student at School
Poppycock. He was an excellent maths student and well above average in everything else, too. Sorry, would-be late bloomers.

You Can’t Start a Sentence With a Conjunction (That is, a “but” or an “and”)…
But you can. And we just did. So there.

…And You Should Put Two Spaces After a Full Stop
Pfffft. This sentence has only one space following the previous sentence. This one, too! Using two spaces corrected the odd spacing of old typewriters, but since typewriters went electronic— and, y’know, we invented computers—it’s no longer necessary.

The Blood in Your Veins is Blue
It’s not: It’s all red, all the time. According to Healthline: “Blood pumped directly from the heart is oxygen rich and bright red. As the blood circulates the body and oxygen is removed by tissue, the blood grows darker.” Darker red, that is.