Hitting The Boxing Day Sales Hard (With a Certified Boxing Coach)

We asked boxing coach Gary Stasek how best to prepare for the gruelling rigours of the Boxing Day Sales. He struck back with these responses…

boxing day sale

POW! Improving Stamina For The Sales
“There is no magic solution to this,” says Stasek. “Building stamina all comes down to hard work. Get out on the road now to increase your endurance and fitness. The fitter you get, the better you will recover. Boxing Day sales take stamina, so make sure you don’t burn yourself out too early: Shop hard, recover well, shop hard, recover well and so on.”

SMACK! Shaking The Nerves Before The Rush
Worried you’ll miss out on that bargain? That’s okay. “Everyone deals with nerves differently,” explains Stasek. “Whether it’s listening to music or staying quiet, it’s important to stay relaxed and not burn out mentally before you get in the ring—or in this case, the High Street. Start with a focused frame of mind, and you’ll not only be able to shop for longer, you’ll probably shop smarter, too!”

BOP! Beating A Savvy Bargain-Hunting Opponent
“Boxing is like a physical game of chess,” says Stasek. “You try to force your opponent into an uncomfortable situation where they have to move a piece they didn’t want to. It’s exactly the same thing when you’re shopping in the sale, right? Always trying to outthink your opponent to get to the best bargains first. If your game plan is failing, adapt. If you want to perform in any arena of life, you have to think on your feet and fast. Good luck!”

Gary Stasek runs city-warriors.com and helps normal folk live the dream in the ring.