How to Be a Sandcastle Superhero

Didn’t pump up your biceps for the beach this summer? Impress the local townsfolk with your sandcastling skills instead. Serial sand sculptor Paul Hoggard explains how...

06 sandcastle super hero

What’s the craziest sand sculpture you’ve done?
Four years ago, myself and my wife Remy made a 500-ton sculpture of Sinbad the Sailor and the Elephants’ Graveyard in Kuwait, which took more than a month to complete.

What skills do you need to be a good sand sculptor?
You need to be strong: Shovelling and compacting the sand are physically draining on the body. You also need stacks of patience and the ability to concentrate for hours on end.

Crikey. So what tips can you offer the average sandcastle builder to up his game?
1. The right tools are essential—a bucket, a spade, a watering can, a rake, trowels,

brushes—but the most important one of all is your hands.

2. The secret to making cool beach sculptures is to use lots of water and compact the sand into a solid block at the start and go from there. This can be done by simply patting the sand with both hands.

3. Start simple, with a subject that appeals to you. Don’t worry if you think your sculptures suck at first—like everything worthwhile in life, it takes time to learn. Our mantra is have fun and help others have fun.

What can we craft on a beach to make us look a bit creative and original?
Dolphins swimming in the sea is a very doable sculpture for all ages. The dolphins have a simple shape to replicate which appears to be in motion. It always looks very impressive.

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