How To Start Your Own Festival

The best way to have a good time at a festival is to invent your own—Will Millner, co-creator of Hijacked electronic music festival, shows us how it’s done.

03 start own festival

First, Be Inspired
“All my favourite festivals (like Secret Garden Party) brought together a community of not only musicians, but dancers, artists, designers, inventors, cooks, poets etc. Our plan was to create our own miniature version, giving anyone creative a stage.”

Once Inspired, Get Planning
“Find a good site, get the authorities on side, book the right lineup, consider the whole experience: Book good food; book interesting and local traders; book a good security firm; book a welfare tent; and always over order on booze. Sh*t hits the fan if you run out of alcohol at a festival, trust me!”

Remember: Every Guest is Equally Important
“Main rule: Don’t let anyone have fun at the expense of others. Only enforce rules if the main rule is broken. Instead, try and create an atmosphere where people self-regulate. People encouraging others to behave is far better than you having to enforce it. It keeps things friendly and puts the responsibility in their hands.”

Be Ready For Anything
“Terrifying, exciting, relieving, exhilarating—running a festival runs the whole gamut of emotions. You have to try and strike a balance of working to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, but also taking a moment to relax, look around and soak it all in. It makes all the effort worthwhile to see people enjoy it so much.”