How to Deal With Every Kind of Facial Hair That Isn’t Your Beard

Professional tips on how to tame ear hair, nose hair and eyebrow hair (sorry, hairy forehead people).


As you’d imagine for a grooming company, we’ve got a lot to say about how to deal with beards, whether it’s shaping them, trimming the neckline, or removing them completely. What you might not know, however, is how to tame all the other hairs sprouting from your handsome mug. To aid you on your transition from hairy beast to Slick Rick, you’ll find guides for taming nose hair, ear hair and eyebrows below.

How to Deal With Ear Hair
Your best bet for painlessly removing ear hair is investing in a battery-powered mens hair trimmer. If you go down this route, Melanie Mari of Bare Skin Studio recommends running the trimmer along the edges of the ear and gently whacking any hairs protruding from the ear canal—it’s important that you don’t go poking around too deep or you could injure your eardrum.

Another option for all you masochists out there is waxing, which is far more thorough than trimming. “Waxing gets rid of all the hair—including the peach fuzz that lines the outside of the ear—in one shot,” Mari explains. Waxing is also the longest-lasting of these ear hair removal methods, preventing hair from sprouting for six whole weeks. If you do go this route, however, Mari recommends either visiting a salon or phoning a friend for help, since drizzling hot wax into the ear hole is generally best left to someone who can actually see where it’s going.

How to Deal With Nose Hair
First things first: Do not pluck your nose hairs, as this can lead to infection and even death (click the link for more on that, and we apologise in advance for the nightmares). With that out of the way, you’re going to need one of two tools: Round-tipped facial hair scissors or a battery-powered mens hair trimmer.

When using either option, first make a pig nose by pressing backward on the tip of your nose to illuminate the nostrils, making it easier to see which hairs you’re trimming. Then, gently circle around your nostrils and clip the hairs, being careful not to press too hard to avoid nicks and cuts inside your nose.

How to Deal With Eyebrow Hair
Bob and Natalie Plain, co-owners of Billion Dollar Brows, provided a handy how-to guide for taming eyebrows:

Step #1: Comb your eyebrows upward, trimming any excess ends with scissors.
Step #2: Comb your eyebrows downward, again trimming the excess ends.
Step #3: Tweeze the unibrow area, ensuring that your brow’s inner edges align with the bridge of your nose.
Step #4: Apply a bit of hair gel to smooth out lingering stragglers if necessary.

If getting your facial hair in order gave you the shaving bug, you don’t have to stop there—check out our guide for manscaping every single body part. Before you know it, you’ll be the smoothest guy in town (literally).