How to Tame Your Bushy Man Hands

Not everyone wants to shake hands with a fern.


Some of us are cursed with Sasquatch hands (SFW, but alarming). It’s a real problem, since hands are usually one of the first things people notice about you—something Reddit user LaheyBobandy found out the hard way: “A couple of days ago I was driving, and some guy sitting next to me in the car that I don’t really know that much commented on how much hair I had on my hand,” he (or she?) writes, obviously self-conscious.

But don’t stress, LaheyBobandy: Melanie Mari, owner and trained manscaper at Bare Skin Studio, has a few extremely simple tips that can help you clean up your mitts. Here’s her step-by-step advice:

  • Don’t Shave Your Hands: “That will look like a hairless baboon butt,” Mari jokes. But it’s true: Because people with hairy hands tend to have hairy arms, completely shaving your hands will create an unnatural (and unappealing) line.
  • Shave (or Wax) Your Knuckles: “For the most natural look, shave or wax the knuckles,” Mari recommends. This provides an overall cleaner look.
  • Trim the Hands: Next, use electric clippers (on the #1 setting) to reduce the bushiness on your hands.
  • Blend out the Arms: “If there’s an obvious line between your now-trimmed hands and your not-yet-trimmed arms, blend out the rest of the arm,” Mari says. “Use either the #1 setting or the #2 setting—if they’re super hairy, use the #2 setting.”

As always, finish by moisturising to soften the hairs and to reduce irritation. It’s also especially important to moisturise your hands, because the top layers of skin frequently die and dry out (which only adds to the whole Sasquatch situation).

Now get out there and put your best (not at all too hairy) foot… er, hand forward.