Is There One Hairstyle that Looks Good on Everybody?

A barber answers your questions! Also in his edition, find out how much beard maintenance to expect from your barber.

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In this edition of “Step Into the Chair,” Cleve McMillan, stylist and DSC’s resident hair expert, weighs in on your burning questions about the mysterious adventure that is getting a haircut.

I can’t figure out which hairstyle suits me. Is there one hairstyle that looks good on everyone? Help a guy out!
When done well, a military-style high and tight haircut can make just about any guy look handsome. That said, the only way to truly find out which hairstyle looks best on you—which depends on your face shape and your hair type—is to consult your barber. Think about the classic Clark Kent haircut: It should look nice on everyone, but if you have very curly hair or very thin hair, or you’re going bald, it’s just not going to work for you. The best advice I can give you is to have a conversation with your barber—they’ll be able to help you figure it out.

I have an appointment with my barber coming up, and I was wondering: How much beard maintenance should I expect from him?
I would absolutely expect at least a bit of beard maintenance from my barber, and I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a barber who wouldn’t offer to clean up your beard if you showed up with one—otherwise, it may be time for a new barber. Keep in mind, however, the barber will probably just give your facial hair a light trim, since beards tend to be a little more personal to the client’s style that their haircut is—guys tend to have some sort of long-term vision when they’re growing a beard, and your barber doesn’t want to intrude on that.

If you want your barber to put more work into your facial hair, you’re going to have to have another consultation for that. Your barber needs to know where you’re going with it and what your long-game looks like. Also, be sure to ask your barber what you can do to maintain your beard between visits—they should gladly show you how it’s done.

I’m looking to get ahead of the trends. As someone who works close to the hair industry, what do you think will be the next popular hairstyle?
Looking “ungroomed” has been trendy for a while now (case in point: The bushy beard and the man bun), so either one of two things is going to happen: We’re going to push the “ungroomed” thing to its limits—sort of like Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway—or the clean and tight look is going to make a comeback. My bet is that we’re going to see celebrities who have been growing out their beards and hair start to rock some slick, clean and handsome hairstyles. Naturally, the masses will follow.