Know Your Body: The Testicles

Your testicles are a lot of different things to you all at once. Let's us take you through the main ones…

4 testicles 2

They’re the man hub
Your testicles are essentially the control centre for how your reproductive system grows, hurriedly crafting androgens that determine all the major blokey things, like when your voice breaks and your beard sprouts.

They run the bloke factory
The most important form of androgen is testosterone, which deals with stuff like the size of your manhood and how much sperm you produce. Every day, a perky adult male cultivates about 200,000 sperm per minute: Once developed, they’re happy to hang about in the epididymis for two weeks, and if they’re not used as ejaculate, they’re broken down and reabsorbed by the body.

They Like To Keep It Cool
So why does such an amazing piece of equipment reside in a shapeless swing-sack, magnet for stray footballs and toddlers’ knees/elbows? It’s to regulate temperature: Sperm are incredibly sensitive to temperature, so if you get too nippy, muscle fibres pull the scrotum closer. If you’re feeling the heat then your balls hang lower. Simple.

They’re a Design Phenomenon
Your balls can grow up to twice the size during sex and in most cases, the left one will hang lower than the right, their unsymmetrical nature designed by nature to require less space in your boxer shorts. Overall then: Our balls are fantastic, so well done us.