The Rules of Wearing Lycra When You’re Not On Your Bike

It used to be, the only men you saw wearing lycra were cyclists and maniac keep-fit instructors on the telly. But as fashion PR guru Rich Evans points out, it’s becoming far less taboo…

17 man vs lycras

“Guys with decent physiques are utilising lycra and compression leggings down at the gym, which is cool,” says Evans. “But when it’s worn badly, it can be pretty unforgiving stuff.” He’s right—lampooning MAMILs (middle-aged men in Lycra) is almost a sport in itself. Hence we present a clued-up list of the Do’s and Don’ts of donning this divisive technical material.

Do size up. The rest of the spin class doesn’t want to see all your pubic hairs or varicose veins.

Do subtly mix and match your lycra with other materials: Wear it under shorts or under tees, just at the top or just at the bottom. Top and bottom is way too much, and you can easily end up looking like a stag in a Morph suit.

Don’t hike up your lycra pants so far that you create a ridiculous wedgie between your balls and your leg. There’s nothing worse than a brooding gym guy with ridiculous “moose knuckles.”

Do wear the right undergarments. The correct pair of jock shorts won’t show through your skimpies, but will help hold everything in place underneath.

Don’t wear patterned or brightly coloured lycra unless you’re a dance instructor.

Do the outside world a favour—if you’re a bit sweaty, make sure you change before leaving the gym.