Stop Post-Makeout Beard Burn with These Tips

A shaving expert shows us how to prime your scruff for a heavy smooching session.


Beard burn: It’s the bane of those with bearded significant others. As every guy knows, even a few days of growth can leave your partner’s face feeling like a freshly-grated wedge of parmesan cheese. But a bit of stubble—or even a full-on beard—shouldn’t get in the way of sexy time, and it doesn’t have to! With these tips from shaving expert Tyree Hicks, you can mash mouths with your partner without causing beard-induced irritation.

Let It Grow
“Your scruff has to stay long enough to lay down flat against the skin to prevent prickliness,” Hicks explains. “Depending on how thick your beard hair is, the ideal length can be achieved either by using a #2 or #3 clipper, or by allowing your beard to grow for about a week.”

When trimming, it’s important to do so with the grain, never against it—if you’re not sure which way to go, pull the razor in the same direction that your hair seems to be pointing. That will prevent creating sharp angles at the tips of the hairs, so they feel softer on your partner’s face.

Moisturise and Condition
Moisturising your face (and conditioning your facial hair in the shower) keeps your beard hydrated and soft,” Hicks says. For additional softness, condition your facial hair with a beard oil after every shower.

Trim Around Your Lips
This might sound obvious, but Hicks emphasises the importance of tidying up your moustache to avoid sharp hairs sticking into your partner’s lips while furiously making out. Use a small pair of grooming scissors to trim any rogue hairs.

Following this advice, you and your partner should enjoy rash-free trips to Smooch Town any time, any place. You’re welcome.