The Best Hairstyles For Men to Make Thin or Fine Hair Look Thicker and More Stylish

Alongside artistic barber and men’s grooming expert Carmelo Guastella, we reveal the best hairstyles, best products and best routines for men with thin and fine hair

thin hair

Having receding or thinning hair is like getting excited walking around a garden centre: it happens to us all eventually. However, that doesn’t mean we simply have to shrug our shoulders and suck it up. Far from it, in fact.

In this article we’re going to reveal the best men’s hair products for thin hair that can help you achieve the hairstyle you want that in turn make your hair look thicker, fuller and 100% more vibrant and stylish. So come on, let’s get started…

The Trouble with Fine Hair

“I’m sorry people with thin or fine hair or fine, thin hair,” begins GuastellaGQ Barber of the Year 2019. “But your hair type is not the best hair for men to grow. Fine hair is better short, it really is. In fact, I always say that less is more with fine hair, and I’ll explain why…”

“If you grow fine hair too long then it will show off the receding hairline that you probably despise: it’s not a strong hair type and doesn’t produce the definitive, sharp lines that thick hair does. Therefore, if you leave it too long before getting a haircut, it begins to expose thinning hair.

Some hairstyles actually help expose your receding hairline and thinning hair. Unless you like your receding hairline, these should be avoided.

“You need to use matt products in fine hair to thicken it before you style it. Or some sea salt spray. Avoid gels and mousses and anything with an oily consistency. They will make your hair limp and greasy. I like to use clay on fine hair. You just get a bit, warm it rigorously in your hands and then kinda twist it in to the hair to create the volume and the style.”

The Trouble with Thinning Hair

“There are powders available for men with thinning hair but invariably men either don’t know about these or they simply don’t want to use them,” says Guastella. “In my opinion they should though.”

“All you have to do is gently administer the powder onto the hair and it attaches to the existing hair and to the scalp,” he continues. “There are an incredible array of colours available so you simply find the one that best matches you.”

It is important to read the instructions on these powders every carefully so you put them in properly. As with most things in life, practice makes perfect. And the better you get at it, the better you will look. Lots of famous names are already at it, as Guastella explains.

Experimenting with different styles at different lengths is the only way to find out which look suits you the best.

“David Beckham is an example of someone who had fine thinning hair,” he says. “He has had a hair transplant, but that can’t simply turn fine hair into thick hair, it doesn’t work like that. So he uses a lot of powder in his hair. That is a well-known fact: the most influential man in men’s grooming uses powder and because it’s put in so well his hair appears luxuriously thick and full.”

There does come a point during the thinning process when powder should definitely be avoided.

“If you have really, really thinning hair, avoid powder as the product won’t have enough hair to attach to and just look awkward on the scalp,” advises Guastella.

“Also, and this is fairly obvious but worth saying: when you’ve got thinning hair, it’s best to keep it short. Or to just shave it all off with a razor or clipper set to zero.”

Other Techniques to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker

“There are ways of making a short crop look thicker though and you can start by giving the cut a stronger looking frontline,” enthuses Guastella.

“To do this you simply style your hair forward at the corners of your hairline and straighten the lines at the very centre of your hairline. This very simple method creates more balance and makes you look like you have thicker hair before you’ve even added any product.”

Analyse your face shape, the size of your forehead and work on the strength of your hairline: all these things will help you to unravel the right look for you.

“Every barber should know this technique because it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to make it happen and it can make a cut ten times better.”

“You really need to trust your barber though and make sure he understands what you mean though before he does it,” advises Guastella. “So be sure to take in some pictures to explain exactly what you mean.”

“If you feel daft doing this in your spit-and-sawdust local barber then take it to a more upmarket salon where you will get more one-to-one time with a stylist and can build a better rapport.”

Try sea salt spray and matte hair products to add thickness before you style. You’ll find you have more options with your hair after you’ve used them. If your hair is really thin, just go super-short and smart, men rarely regret it.

“Lastly, when you have thinning and fine hair you also need to think about density,” explains Guastella. “You will no doubt have more dense hair on the sides of your head than on the top, so you shouldn’t simply have a number 2 buzz cut all over, for example. Why?”

“Because the denser parts of the hair at the sides will look darker than the top and only serve to make you look thinner on top. I might think about doing a grade 1 at the side and then maybe a short scissor cut on the top until I feel the colours and density are blended and matched. Again, it’s all about balance.”

So there you go. Like we said, all is most definitely not lost when you see your hair begin to thin. It’s how you react to it that matters more.

Key things to remember concerning fine and thin hair:

  • Don’t grow it long unless you REALLY have to: 99% of the time, fine hair is better styled short.
  • Have your barber reinforce the front where possible to give an illusion of thickness.
  • Pay attention to the density of your hair and create a colour balance between the sides and the top.
  • Don’t ever use oily products. Stick to sea salt spray and clay.