These Are the Body Parts You Actually Need to Moisturise

If you can’t be bothered to grease up your entire body (or just don’t like feeling like a sea slug), this to-the-point moisturising guide is for you.

27 moisturised man

Ask any dermatologist and they’ll tell you that moisturising every inch of your skin — even those hard-to-reach areas — is best practice. But we’re all about doing just enough to get by — especially when it comes to the time-consuming practice of slathering our bodies in lotion — so we asked dermatologist Anthony Rossi which body parts you really need to be moisturising on a regular basis.

“If you were to only moisturise two parts of your body routinely, I suggest moisturising your hands and your feet,” Rossi says. “That’s because they have a high skin cell turnover rate [meaning the top layers of skin frequently die and dry out] and because the skin on our palms and soles is really thick, so it’s prone to developing calluses.” He also adds that your hands and feet can benefit from a twice-a-day moisturising because you (hopefully) wash them more often than other parts of your body, robbing them of their natural moisturising oils.

If you’re willing to add a third body part to your daily routine, Rossi recommends lathering up your face as well. “We dermatologists always encourage people to moisturise their face after washing because the moisturiser traps that water in the skin, which it needs to remain healthy,” he says. “That extra water will help prevent wrinkles and tired-looking skin.” If you’re on the market for some best-practice tips on how to apply moisturiser to your mug, look no further — we had a skin-care expert create a guide to moisturising your face.

If you follow this moisturising routine, you’ll soon find yourself with a memorably smooth handshake (and footshake, if you’re into that sort of thing).