Who Ya Gonna Call? Meet the Real-Life Ghostbuster…

Drawers opening and shutting on their own? Dog going doolally in the dining room? You might need Alison Wynne-Ryder, the “Quirky Medium” with a 100 percent ghostbusting record.

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How do you know when someone is being visited by the paranormal and it’s not just some pesky energy noise or structural noise?

It’s a case of elimination really. Firstly, I will speak to the inhabitants of the property to find out what has been spooking them. I listen to their accounts and then as I look around the property I am looking for anything out of the ordinary. Even though I have cleared many haunted properties of spirit who are stuck between two worlds, I always check the usual noises such as a house settling, creaky floorboards, electrical appliances etc first. 

Then you get stuck in?

I will only investigate if I am absolutely sure that whatever is causing the unexplained activity isn’t of this world. For example, people assume that it’s only very old places that are haunted such as castles, graveyards etc, but that’s not always the case. Some of the most haunted places I have cleared have been brand-new properties and it’s often either the land that the property stands on that is the problem, or the people themselves.


Yes really! They may have used a Ouija board incorrectly, which opens a portal, inviting entities of a lower energy to come knocking on the door. Or it could be that someone in the property may be psychic and a stuck spirit can ‘follow’ them home. These are just a couple of examples of why the property is now haunted.

A lot of people are just imagining it though, right?

People are usually telling the truth and truly believe they have ‘visitors’ but one place I went to recently told me of  elaborate goings-on, and when I arrived and walked around the property there was absolutely nothing untoward at all. The only spirit in that place was of the alcoholic kind!  Sometimes it’s as simple as people over-reacting, thinking that bumps in the night are ghostly goings-on, rather than the usual sounds of a house settling. They may have been watching a scary movie, or were over excited after visiting somewhere that is purported to be haunted, especially at times such as Halloween, when it’s believed that the veil between our two worlds is thinner. Some people just love to be scared!

How quick do you know when you’ve got some serious ghostly goings-on?

I can sense/’feel’ spirit around me when I step into a haunted property, so things like feeling as if someone is following me around, or being touched by unseen hands is an indication there is a disembodied spirit in the property. Other examples (and these are only a few), are: Unexplained noises such as footsteps on the stairs when there is no-one there, unexplained knocking/rapping, things being thrown or moved (Poltergeist activity); feelings of being pushed; dark shadows or full/part apparitions that have been seen; drawers opening/shutting on their own; electrical appliances—such as televisions—turning themselves on, and hearing angry voices. Also, for those of you who own a pet, watch how your pet is reacting. If they are staring into a particular area or refuse to go there, or if dogs are barking as if they can see someone you can’t, then this can also indicate you are being visited by the paranormal.

What should someone do the moment they realise they have a ghost in their house?

A fabulous question! Firstly, if they have a ghost—or spirit as I like to refer to them—in the house they can do one of a few things: 

  1. They can run for the hills! 
  2. They can ask the spirit to go away (if this is a ‘friendly’ spirit) who has just lost their way, they won’t want to frighten anyone. In fact, they may not even realise they are dead! So if someone politely asks them to leave, they may just take the hint!

But if they don’t, and something is definitely giving you the creeps……

  1. Keep a diary of unexplained events. It’s really useful if you have to call on an expert to come to the property to investigate. These can be things that start off not too scary such as cold spots in a certain area in the house, feeling as if someone has walked past you but there is no-one there, hearing voices that sound like whispers or as if a television is on low. Think back to when the unexplained phenomenon started—date each diary event. Is there a pattern to what’s happening? Is it one room in particular where the activity happens? Or, is it around one person in particular? As it could be that this person is psychic and they are picking up on spirit who may just be ‘passing through’. 

However, if the activity is strong, and goes beyond someone with ‘the gift’…

  1. The main thing to do is to ask a reputable person with paranormal experience to attend to find out what, or who, is haunting the property. Some people will call on a priest, especially if it’s an attachment to one of the residents and an exorcism has to be performed. Many people will ask a ‘Spirit Rescue’ Medium to investigate. Some people will smudge rooms or place crystals in them. However, if your house is haunted, neither will help! Both are great though once a spirit rescue has been performed.

Are some ghosts harder to shake than others? (Do they have different personalities etc)

Yes, definitely! And they do indeed have different personalities as they did on theEarth plane. In the past, on the Rescue Mediums TV show as well as more recently here in the UK and Spain, I have been thrown to the ground, sworn at, (yes really!), which is bad enough by an earthly person but it’s particularly creepy from a spectre! As well as being pushed. I have also been left with scratches left on my neck, and another part of overshadowing is where spirit will put physical conditions on me to let me know what they suffered when they were on the Earth plane.


Examples of the different types/personalities I have had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting are: poltergeist (noisy spirits) who throw things, move items, push and shove; shape-shifters (as the name sounds, this one is very difficult to contain) as the energy-based entity can change into any shape or form and move around); soldiers; lovers trying to find each other; a woman trying to find her children; and male spirits who were hanged for their heinous crimes, just to name a few!

You had any complicated ones recently?

A very recent haunting locally was so difficult to deal with because someone in the home had performed black magic and put a hex on the property, so both I and my trusted team had to go back several times to close 3 portals, a vortex, and send several stuck spirits to the light. We then had to reverse the spell by calling forward spirit helpers to assist in us cleansing the house, the grounds and the inhabitants thoroughly. This one was definitely stirred, and extremely difficult to shake! 

Some of them are rather stubborn, eh?

Oh yes! Another local haunting was in a restaurant. I found out about it when the owners mother came to me for a reading. She was a waitress there and mentioned that they’d been having problems. Apparently the kitchen had been flooded twice and they thought it was a faulty freezer but when someone came out to fix it, he said he could find nothing wrong… She said that crockery moved, and a couple of things were thrown off a shelf. The creepiest thing of all was where the two owners and one of their serving staff were sitting upstairs after their shift, and they heard a creaking noise. They looked up and watched in horror as a large picture on the wall started rocking back and forth on its own then it lifted itself off the hook on the wall, dropping onto a vase of flowers beneath it. There was glass, water and smashed flowers everywhere. The lady that came for her reading with me thought it was her mother (the owner’s grandmother) in spirit causing havoc. I asked if her mother used to throw things around when on the Earth plane… I knew of course that the answer would be no, and I explained that her mother had gone to the light. This unexplained phenomenon could only be caused by a stuck spirit or strong energy based entities such as poltergeist!

So what did you do?

It took 3 of us to contain two spirits in the restaurant, one was a nasty male spirit who overshadowed me—the other was a child. Although they were not connected in any way on the Earth plane, they had both died by drowning. Hence the ‘leaking’ freezer, and the water in the vase drenching everything. Creepily, the picture was of a river. After the spirit rescue, I asked the restaurant owners where they got the picture from. They said it was there, when they took over the premises: it was the only thing left behind by the previous owners. I wonder why?!!

I just had a full body shiver. What happens if the above fails?

I would run for the hills along with the property owners! Seriously though, I have never attended a haunted house and not been able to rid it of unwanted spirit visitors. It does take precision and it’s something that I would never do on my own apart from the initial meeting with the homeowners. The reason being, that when spirit draw near, especially if they are nasty and take me by surprise, I will need a trusted partner or small experienced team as backup. Being overshadowed by a nasty spirit is not a pleasant experience to put it mildly!

Any other advice?

Never dabble in things you don’t understand, such as Ouija Boards or séances. When used incorrectly, they can cause absolute havoc in people’s lives. Also, I know that some of your readers will enjoy reading the article, and may have encountered paranormal experiences themselves. Others may not believe in the afterlife or haunted properties. However, whether you believe or not, if you are ever on the receiving end of a haunting, it will be impossible to ignore. Happy Halloween!