Why Do I Like the Smell of My Farts?

It's true: Nobody else enjoys them quite like you do.


There are some gifts that can only be given from yourself, to yourself—like self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-love. And while you might not consider self-flatulence a gift, the truth is that if you’re going to be asphyxiated with a stinky fart, it’d better be your own stinky fart.

Humans have evolved to be repulsed by the smell of things like farts and faecal matter because the noxious fumes they give off alert us to the presence of germs that can make us sick. But because you dealt it then smelt it about 10 times a day, you become accustomed to your signature blend, making your own gas less offensive than what you smell from your friends, colleagues and spouse (if it’s come to that).

Also, becoming accustomed to the smell of our own waste, or the waste of loved ones, has its own evolutionary benefits. According to researchers from Macquarie University in Australia and the University of Washington, familiarity with familial odours allows parents to deal with countless dirty nappies and still love their babies.

So while you may be a filthy brute with a sophomoric sense of humour, that’s not the reason your own flatulence puts a smile on your face. It’s evolution, baby.