Winning Secret Santa (with a Spatula)

Reign supreme at the seasonal gift grab by soaking up some shrewd suggestions from our single-minded panel. Honestly, it’s a game-changer.

secret santa

Know What You’re Getting Into
“You want to make sure of the rules,” says Aileen Avery, author of Gift Rap: The History and Art of Gift Giving. “Sometimes there’s a rule about ‘no gross presents,’ in which case you’re probably not going to bring the unicorn-poop soap.” Lazy people break the rules, so don’t be lazy.

Indulge in Christmas Subterfuge
According to therapist and author Dawn Walton, when selecting a gift for people you dig (or perhaps fancy a bit), “You need to watch them. Are they the touchy-feely kind? Then maybe a nice smelling candle or cosy cushion. Like music? Get an Amazon music voucher. Bit of a geek? Gadgets or puzzle stuff will be good. And if they have pictures everywhere, then something they can see every day, like a mug with a funny quote. Leave them wondering how they ended up being the lucky one that actually got a decent Secret Santa present for once,” says Walton. 

 If In Doubt, Buy a Spatula
“My strategy is to find something where the very best version of it is still cheap,” says Margaret Eby, Senior Culture Editor at foodie website Extra Crispy. “A high end silicone spatula [around £10] is a great candidate for that. Pretty much everyone probably owns a crappy one that’s slightly melted. And having a really good spatula actually makes your life much better.” Seriously, it just might work.