Your Office Life Is Destroying Your Butt

Hemorrhoids. Irritation. Diarrhoea and constipation. Your work habits are waging a secret war on your anus.


Humans evolved to stand upright and outrun their predators, so it’s no wonder sitting sedentary in a halogen-lit office is ruining the species. But it’s not just your lower back and general outlook on life slowly being crippled by your 9-to-5. It’s also your butt.

Haemorrhoids. Irritation. Diarrhoea and constipation. Your work habits are waging a secret war on your anus. You may be a faceless cog in the capitalist machine, but don’t let your butthole suffer for it.

We reached out to Dr. Will Bulsiewicz of the Charleston Hemorrhoid Center to see what havoc your office life is unleashing on your hindquarters—and what you can do about it.

You’re Sitting Too Long
First and foremost, the thing ruining pretty much everything else in your body — sitting — is also ruining your butt. “Staying in a seated position for too long allows gravity to pull more blood down into the pelvis and will plump those haemorrhoids up,” Bulsiewicz says.

As with your lower back, heart, brain, eyeballs and overall wellbeing, you need to get up and move around to keep them in top shape. “If needed, set an alarm on your phone to stretch your legs and take a couple steps every 15 minutes,” he adds.

You’re Spending Too Long on the Toilet
That said, don’t make the 30-step walk to the bathroom your hourly workout, because spending long periods straining to poop instead of working might get you a promotion to CEO of the haemorrhoid branch.

It’s tempting to escape the drudgery of office life and sit in the stall, careening down some internet black holes until the motion lights time out and your legs go numb. But you’re still sitting, and the toilet is worse than the office chair.

“Squatting your tail down on the toilet for more than five minutes at a time is a bad idea,” says Bulsiewicz. “What happens on the toilet is that your pelvic muscles are conditioned to naturally relax, in preparation for defecation, like the butt version of Pavlov’s dog.” Just like sitting too long, he says, blood begins to flow more freely toward your butthole, which means “plumper, juicier haemorrhoids, which means more problems.”

We know how hard it is to pull yourself away from Twitter, but Bulsiewicz urges you not to stay any longer than necessary on the toilet. Then, “find somewhere else to read, preferably standing up”.

You’re Pooping Too Much
Watch your lunch—and resist the temptation to make it too spicy. “When you let the cafeteria lady drizzle extra red sauce on your enchiladas, it comes as no surprise that your butt explodes that afternoon,” says Bulsiewicz. “Most people associate haemorrhoids with constipation, but they can happen just as easily with diarrhoea.”

You’re Not Pooping Enough
“On the flip side,” Bulsiewicz continues, “you’re not going to be much better off if you make yourself constipated by taking two Imodium before lunch.” If you’re constipated, you’ll probably sit longer and push harder, putting even more strain on your poor, beaten butt. “The point being,” he concludes, “any change in bowel habits can aggravate the haemorrhoids, so focus on maintaining good regular bowel movements with a healthy dose of fibre, and don’t overdo it on the spicy and greasy stuff.”

Trying to Prove Your Manliness
If you’re a soft-handed cog in the white-collar machine, chances are you’re not doing too much manual labour. So these guys trying to be the hero and volunteering to lift furniture? Bad for the butt!

For example, “let someone else lift the giant water cooler,” says Bulsiewicz. “When the vein in the middle of your forehead is throbbing and the blood vessels in your eyes are about to burst, your haemorrhoids are experiencing a similar effect.”

The same goes for working your stress out at the office gym. If you haven’t worked your way up to it, Bulsiewicz argues, “heavy lifting is an easy and unexpected way to get your behind just as swole up as your muscles.” Gah!

You’re Working Too Long Hours
If you get really focused on work, hunkering down for hours and skipping lunch, you’re betraying your butthole. “It’s easy to get too busy at work,” Bulsiewicz says, “and this generally leads to less time for eating and more caffeine consumption.” When you skip meals or eat fast microwavable food, you’re not getting the fibre needed for a healthy butt. “Fibre is like a magic salve for haemorrhoids,” adds Bulsiewicz. “It not only helps to regulate your bowel movements, but it also has a healing effect that’s been shown to reduce bleeding from haemorrhoids.”

The same goes for water. To stay focused at work, you’ll probably opt for coffee or energy drinks (if you’re a monster). According to Bulsiewicz, “When we substitute highly caffeinated drinks, like coffee, they act as diuretics on the kidneys and actually dehydrate us, which can easily lead to bowel changes that aggravate haemorrhoids.”

So if you want to avoid a bleeding and painful butthole, drink water, eat healthy, don’t sit too long and reconsider those long hours. “The office can be a dangerous place when it comes to your anus,” says Bulsiewicz. “The last thing you need is to have your elite skillset held back by a raging, flared-up haemorrhoid.”