11% of Men Blow-Dry Their Hair (and 2% Use Straighteners)

And only five percent of the men surveyed had long hair—which means almost all of them are using straighteners (or short-haired guys are playing with fire).


Male grooming varies wildly bathroom by bathroom. For every dude that manscapes himself within an inch of his life, there’s another dude that only showers once a week. And for every dude who settles for quickly running a hand through their hair on their way out the door, well, there’s technically slightly less than one dude blow-drying it, but you get the point.

A recent survey we conducted on the tools men use to style their hair showed that, while blow-drying used to be the sole province of wives and girlfriends, it’s steadily crept further into the mainstream of the average dude’s grooming routine. For anyone who lived through the big hair of the 80s or the long locks of the 90s, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it’s interesting to see how much men are using hairdryers in a time when long hair isn’t de rigueur—they’re now simply considered another tool in our arsenal when trying to look the way we want.

The classics have gone nowhere, of course: the brush, the comb and the good old fingers are still the preferred tools for most men. More intriguing was the discovery that 2% of men are using straighteners, while 1% are using curlers. This gets especially interesting when you note that, of all the men we conducted this survey with, only 5% of them had long hair. So either a lot of long-haired dudes are using these things, or there’s a lot of short-haired dudes out there in real danger of singeing their scalps.

And finally, if you’re in the 1% who chose “other,” tell us what that other might be in the comments—we’re dying to know.

*The chart adds up to more than 100% because some people ticked multiple options. The more you know!