3 Things We Learned About Our Bodies This Month: April 2017

Find out why a new app wants you to deposit semen into your cellphone.


The Latest Smartphone App Will Count Your Sperm For You

If anyone’s ever walked in on you with your phone in one hand and your, well, you-know-what in the other, now you’ve finally got a good excuse. This gadget—which was developed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston—clips right onto your smartphone and is able to detect abnormal sperm samples with an accuracy of 98 percent. The idea is to make sperm testing more accessible for guys: Sperm abnormalities are the culprits in around 40 percent of infertility issues faced by couples, but many men are still too embarrassed to get checked out by a doctor. With this gizmo—which only cost $4.45 to make—now all you need to worry about is a sturdy lock on the bathroom door.

Vending Machines with Time Delays Make Us Eat More Healthily

We all find our willpower lacking when faced with a choice between a bag of cookies and a granola bar at the vending machine. That’s why scientists at Rush University Medical Center have been experimenting with adding time delays to unhealthy options. They found that adding a 25-second delay prompted up to five percent of snackers to choose a more nutritious option instead. Turns out, the real solution to our weak willpower is our shocking impatience—two wrongs really do make a right.

Most Of Us Prefer to Start With the Ears When Eating a Whole Rabbit

Here’s one for those still polishing off the contents of their Easter Baskets: In a survey of 28,113 people, researchers found that 59 percent of them chose to eat their chocolate bunnies ears-first. 33 percent said they had no particular preference, while a lonely yet adamant four percent insisted on starting at the tail or feet. The biggest mystery here, of course, is why anyone felt the need to study this in the first place.