9% of Men Like to Eat When Using the Bathroom

Our latest survey results had us questioning both the hygiene and eating habits of nearly a tenth of the men we spoke to.


We already know that some guys aren’t the absolute best at hygiene. Over a third of men don’t wash their hands every time they’re done urinating, for example, while seven percent of men like to talk on the phone while pooping. Our latest survey on bathroom habits may top both of these, however: Among the many intriguing stats we uncovered was the fact that nearly a tenth of guys eat in the bathroom.

Now, we should qualify this somewhat. In this survey, not a single person would confess to eating either “daily” or “frequently” in the bathroom, and even “occasionally” only saw one percent checking the box. The remaining eight percent all chose “rarely,” clearly indicating that, while it happens now and again, it’s definitely not habitual. Meanwhile, a sturdy 91 percent checked the “never” box, presumably with a look of stern disapproval on their faces.

Also important to note: The question asked was, “How often, if ever, do you eat food in your bathroom?” and not, specifically, on the toilet, a point emphasized by many of the write-in responses. “I will eat a breakfast bar while dressing, on occasion,” commented one. “I will eat things like nuts, ice cream or popcorn—I watch Hulu when taking a bath so it’s not weird,” explained another.

Others, however, implied that munching on the toilet is possible, although all denied it was intentional. “I don’t keep food in my bathroom, it’s just whatever I was eating when I entered the bathroom,” protested one. “I may just have something in my hand when I go in there, but I finish it off before doing my business!” claimed another. Others painted a more realistic portrait of toilet-snacking life. “It’s not that there are snacks in there,” he told us. “It’s just that I reach that point in peak laziness where I literally bring a bag of chips into the bathroom with me.”

For once, it really does feel redundant to remind you to wash your hands when you’re done.