A Blueprint to Where You Should (and Definitely Should Not) Apply Cologne

To smell your best, you need to know WHERE to smell your best.


Where you put cologne is almost as important as what scent you pick, because just as there are definitely right places to apply it, there are some seriously wrong ones, too. 

Cologne should go on the hottest parts of your body, where your blood vessels lie closest to the skin. This allows your natural body heat to warm and expand the fragrance. Start with your wrists and neck, but if you have a lighter scent, you can also apply cologne to the inside of your elbows. If you’re somehow doing an activity that requires you to be wearing shorts and cologne, you can add the back of your knees to the list.

Any cologne you put on your hands will get rubbed or washed off in no time. Armpits, being warm, might seem like a natural place to put cologne, but you should already have antiperspirant on under there which would compete with, if not overwhelm, your cologne, so don’t waste your time. Additionally, hair traps scents, so your pits will absorb more of the cologne than you want, likely making the smell too strong — this goes triple for the hair on your head.

Finally, although you might be tempted, please don’t spray cologne on your crotch. As dermatologist Anthony Rossi has told us before, you run the risk of irritating the sensitive skin down there, and, “Therefore I don’t recommend spraying it on the penis.” If you’re still considering it, may we recommend starting with a shower instead?