August Rompecabeza: Day by Day


In this month’s rompecabeza we’re setting a date. Well, setting a date and then adding a secret number to get another number. Can you figure out the pattern below?


Check back next week for the answer.


Last week we challenged you to draw one continuous line that crosses each bridge completely, and only once. This puzzle is actually a  famous puzzle in mathematics, and carries with it a pretty cool name: the Seven Bridges of Konigsberg. Now, if you’ve heard of this puzzle before or click that link, you might be onto the fact that we tricked you. How? Well, because the answer to this puzzle is that drawing one line that crosses each bridge once can’t be done.

Sorry to disappoint you. For an in-depth look at why, you’ll need to understand the basics of graph theory, Eulerian paths and some other discrete mathematics, all of which is explained best here.