DSC Member: Jed Frost, Bagman


No single leather bag made by Jed Frost is like any of his others. Which is the point. Each one is customized for its owner. And so, each owner works with Frost to incorporate elements of their life and personality into the design. In fact, no memory is off limits—not even the hair from the tail of a customer’s deceased (but beloved) horse.

Q: Who came up with the idea for Frost bags?

A: My wife. She used the first gift she ever gave me, a pair of old pajama pants, as the liner of a bag she had custom made for me, and branded my signature and old college basketball jersey number into the bag’s cowhide. The gift was so remarkable because it carried with it the story of my life as well as the story of our life together. I knew instantly that this was a concept I had to share with the world. 

Q: How do you incorporate your customer’s personal “memories” into every ​bag ​you create?

A: There’s no formula for how or where we work personal touches into a bag. It happens organically when you spend the time to learn all you can about a person—namely, what they love and how they plan to use the bag. 

Q: What’s been the most interesting memory you’ve been asked to include? 

A: We were given hair from the tail of a deceased horse, who was very dear to the woman we were building the bag for. Obviously, that’s not something you want to mess up. Having the hair braided to serve as a briefcase-style handle proved to be nearly impossible. But in the end, it was a beautiful touch. 

The Joe Buck Story from Frost.

Q: What’s a day at the office like? 

A: Imagine building a car from start to finish. And then imagine picking out every single part for the car—hoses, ball bearings, etc…. Each bag is one of one, so days are spent designing and creating for the customer. 

Q: How long does the average bag take to make, and how many people are involved in the process? 

A: From initial consultation to delivery—typically 90 days. Depending on the types of materials and applications we’re working with, anywhere from four to ten people will have some level of involvement. 

Q: How many generations do you expect a Frost bag to last? 

A: With proper care and attention, several. If this shoe can last 5,500 years in a cave under a pile of sheep dung and leaves, we like to think our bags will at least see a few generations come and go. So hopefully, it will make a great Christmas present for your great, great grandson. 

Q: So, what’s next? A fanny pack? 

A: Not the most popular fashion statement these days. But if that ever changes, we are ready to build one badass fanny pack. Or “fack,” as it’s known in the business. 

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