Being Bald Could Save Your Life

Good news, men with receding hairlines: There are many advantages to having a chrome dome.


Many men are absolutely terrified of losing their hair: A recent survey performed by the HIS Hair Clinic found that a whopping 94 percent of men worry about going bald, compared to the 89 percent of the men surveyed who admitted to a fear of impotence.

This widespread anxiety is probably a direct result of bald shaming, a very real phenomenon that causes men to go to great lengths to hide their receding hairlines. But really, going bald isn’t anything to be ashamed of: Far from it, in fact. Here are all the reasons having a shiny noggin is actually a good thing:

Bald Men Save Time and Money
This one’s obvious, but worth mentioning. Shampoo, conditioner, products and trips to the barber add up for us hairy-headed dudes (for reference, Statista reports indicate that the cosmetics industry brings in over $62.46 billion annually, as of 2016, not to mention the billion dollars men spend each year fighting baldness). But bald guys are fortunate enough to be able to spend their hard-earned money on arguably more important ventures. Even better for bald dudes is the fact that they don’t have to waste their precious morning minutes drying and styling their hair after a shower: They can simply give their damp dome a quick pat with a towel, and be on their way.

Bald Men Have a Better Metabolism
High levels of testosterone — which are a large reason many men experience male pattern baldness — boosts the metabolism, making it easier to maintain a healthy weight and develop muscle. In other words, losing the hair on your head may help you lose that spare tire around your waist, too.

Bald Men Are Perceived as More Powerful
Three subsequent University of Pennsylvania studies found that bald men are consistently perceived as more dominant, powerful, influential and authoritative than their furry-headed brethren — and in one of those studies, bald men were thought to be an average of one inch taller (and a bit stronger) than guys with hair.

Bald Men Are Perceived as Smarter, Too
Another recent study discovered that bald and balding men were consistently rated as more intelligent, influential, knowledgeable, well-educated, of higher social status, and more honest and helpful—these traits are collectively known as social maturity. Interestingly, bald men were also viewed as significantly less aggressive than their hairy counterparts (think Professor X versus Wolverine).

Being Bald May Save Your Life
Okay, this may be a bit of a stretch, but hear us out: While there is a connection between balding and prostate cancer, it’s also been pointed out that going bald can help ward off prostate cancer by increasing the amount of sun you’re exposed to — and therefore, encouraging the body to produce more vitamin D (which is known to greatly reduce the effects of prostate cancer). There’s proof, too: Men who work outdoors have better odds against prostate cancer than those who spend the majority of time indoors. So if you’re vitamin D deficient, a little bit of extra sunlight shining on your scalp could make all the difference down the line.

There you have it: If you’re bald (or on the verge of going bald) don’t sweat it, because your lack of hair comes with some truly awesome benefits. You don’t have to be naturally bald to experience them, either: For those who aren’t bald but want the benefits of being bald, check out our guide for achieving the perfectly shaved head. Just be sure to have warm headgear on hand at all times if you go down that road — it gets chilly up there.