DSC Member: Ryan Sayles, Bound in the USA


This week, we’re profiling Ryan Sayles. Ryan is a co-author of Trouble In The Heartland, a collection of crime stories inspired by the songs of Bruce Springsteen that includes a contribution from Mystic River author Dennis Lehane.

When did your interest in The Boss grow from casual “Born In The U.S.A.” radio plays to literary inspiration?

When my buddies wanted to do a book about him. My friend Chris is a huge Springsteen fan, and he wrote a short story, “Candy’s Room,” named after the Springsteen song. After our mutual friend Joe read it, he and Chris decided to do an entire anthology around the concept.

The anthology reads much like an album plays; was that intentional?

Yes, I always knew it’d be a collection of stories titled after Springsteen songs.

How did you get approval from The Boss to use his name and song titles? Did you refuse to leave Jersey until he said yes?

We actually never got to meet him; we just met with his legal team, who were kind enough to give us the go-ahead.

Which story were you most excited to read?

Paul Garth really took the reins on “Nebraska” as well. Nebraska is probably my favorite Springsteen album; just Bruce and an acoustic guitar. Simplicity at its best.

Where can we find Trouble In The Heartland?

It will be available on Amazon, through our website and Facebook page, and is currently the featured title at Gutter Books.

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