Breaking: 20% of Men Still Have Goatees or Soul Patches


Grunge fans rejoice: Of the men we spoke to who maintain some form of facial hair, nearly a quarter are letting their 90s flag hang high, proudly displaying Seattle’s former face fuzz of choice.

Perhaps more surprising, considering the hirsute style that’s been around for the last few years, is that beards and stubble only make up less than half of the preferred facial hair between them. Is the beard craze finally over? It’s certainly starting to look like it: Nearly three quarters of the men we talked to told us that they shave at least twice a week. Even in New York, home of Beard Central in hipster-stuffed Williamsburg and Bushwick, 70% of the men we surveyed said they believed the beard craze would be over and done with in the next six months.

So if the beard is dead, will clean-shaven become the new hot look? Or will some other facial hair style take its place? Perhaps those 4% with soul patches are secretly the fashion-forward few who are way ahead of the trend. If so, we’ll see you at that Soundgarden reunion show.