Breaking: 84% of Men Say They Enjoy Chatting With Their Barber

And not just about what they want their hair to look like.


For the more socially awkward male, getting a haircut is a double whammy of discomfort: Sitting facing a mirror for an extended period of time, and having to make conversation with someone with whom the only thing you have in common is a shared interest in not screwing up your hair. Good news for chatty barbers, however: These guys are apparently in the minority.

In a recent survey we conducted, only 16% of men admitted to avoiding conversation with their barbers, with the rest happily game to discuss a whole range of topics (outside of the haircut in question). Specifically*:

The weather—25%
Pop culture—15%
Love life—6%

A further 20% said they discussed many other subjects outside of this list as well, with write-in responses ranging from “pets” and “hunting” to “faith” and “nonsense.”

It’s also possible that even fewer men are refusing to talk to their barbers than the 16% listed here, as several of those who checked that box admitted, in their write-in response, that they don’t even see a barber in the first place. “I don’t have a barber,” said one. “I shave my own brain-bucket.”

If you’re a dude who wants to make polite chit-chat with your barber but is stuck for something to say, here are a few conversation starters:

Finally, some tips on the most important conversation you’ll ever have with a barber: Here’s what to say if you end up hating your haircut.

*People were able to choose more than one result, hence the numbers adding up to more than 100. And hence your barber not being bored stiff by having the same conversation every time you see him.