March Rompecabeza: Brian's Birthday Money


Dollar Shave Club members are amongst the smartest people in the world. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be smarter. With the help of our friends at American Mensa, DSC is proud to bring you weekly Rompecabezas (Spanish for head breakers) to boost your IQ into the Thermosphere. 

Have you ever received money from your parents and then spent it as fast as you can, and in the worst ways possible? Our guy Brian has. Check out the puzzle below and try to figure out exactly how much money Brian started out with before it burned a huge hole in his pocket.




MensaNeed a hint? Here’s three:

  • Hint 1: Brian didn’t have any money left after gorging on those succulent wings. Start at $0 and work backwards.
  • Hint 2: “Three-fourths” seems like a pretty important clue.
  • Hint 3: Brian spent “three-fourths” of what was left, and then left a $5 tip. So $5 must have been 1/4th of what was left. If you can’t get it now, we’re worried about you.

Stumped? Here’s the answer:

The $5 tip, is 1/4 of the money he had before over-eating at the wings joint, so the amount of money he had before wingsapalooza was 4 x 5 = $20. Add back his $5 tip to this and then double it to get what he had before splurging on those extra Candy Crush lives, or 2 x ($20 + $5) = $50. Add $5 again to get half of his original total, so his parents’ birthday gift was 2 x ($50 + $5) = $110.


That does it for this month! Remember, new Mensa puzzles are available every Monday on the blog, and make sure to check back next month for answers to April’s #DSCRompecabeza.