Can Shaving off Your Body Hair Keep You Cool in Warm Weather?

Bad news: Manscaping isn’t the best way to cut down on your AC bill.


Manscaping has lots of perks: It can make you appear more muscular than you actually are; it lessens how much you stink; and it even reduces your chances of contracting crabs. One thing removing your body hair won’t do, however, is keep you cool when it’s hot as heck outside, and the reasoning is pretty simple: We simply don’t have enough body hair for it to meaningfully affect our temperature.

According to a study titled Hair Density, Wind Speed, and Heat Loss in Mammals, skin needs to be covered by at least 1,000 hairs per square centimeter in order for the hair to effectively reduce heat loss: That’s the same as a rabbit’s pelt—for comparison, the average adult human head has only 200 to 300 hairs per square centimeter. While we may have had this much hair in our earlier caveman days, modern humans sprout nowhere near this much body hair and, as such, it is not an effective tool for keeping us warm. Consequently, shaving it all off won’t have a noticeable effect on our overall temperature.

Another more recent study found that even the hair on our heads—no matter what the length—is incapable of preventing heat loss, so again, buzzing it all off won’t necessarily cool you down (and growing it out won’t necessarily warm you up).

The only part of our body that genuinely decides our temperature is, as we’ve explored before, our skin. So while there are lots of good reasons to go bald all over, being able to withstand the sultry summertime heat just isn’t one of them.