The Complete Guide to Wet Shaving Your…Y’Know

It's easier if you're really, really into it.


Nearly 30 percent of guys are regularly trimming their pubes, according to one of our surveys. In related — and unfortunate — news, the number of pube-grooming injuries increased fivefold from 2002 to 2010, which, well, it sounds like a few of us could still use a lesson in wet shaving our delicate dangly bits. Melanie Mari, owner and trained manscaper at Bare Skin Studio, is here to lead today’s class.

Step 1: Shape Your Hedge
Before whipping out your razor, use electric clippers to trim any patches of unwieldy hair, including your bush and your perineum (that’s the fancy word for the no-man’s land between your sack and crack). But be careful: Mari warns against using clippers directly on your ball skin, which could result in a nasty injury. Instead, she says, “If your ball hair is really long, just float the clippers over the skin to remove some length.” This will make shaving with a razor a lot easier and less messy.

Step 2: Steam Your Thang
Shaving your kielbasa in a hot shower is beneficial for two reasons: (1) The warm water will soften those particularly coarse pubic hairs, and (2) Mari says the nooks and crannies of your balls smooth out when the heat causes your sack to droop, and that makes for a closer, less precarious shave. Who woulda thought?

Step 3: Get Lubed
Not that kind of lube. “I recommend using a Shave Butter rather than a cream,” Mari says. “That way, you can see exactly what you’re doing down there.” This is especially important when you’re wet shaving your extra naughty parts, since they’re particularly prone to nicks and cuts, and therefore need extra protection.

Step 4: Shave, but Carefully
Wet shaving your shaft is fairly straightforward: Just be sure to shave with the grain to avoid itchiness and painful ingrown hairs. To make the process even easier, Mari says it can help to have an, uh, um, a stiffy. No, seriously — the skin will be taut, as opposed to soft and shriveled, which makes for a safer shave. For that same reason, as we mentioned earlier, it’s important to stretch your ball skin while shaving it.

Step 5: Slap Some Cream on It
“I recommend using a Post Shave Balm down there once you’re done shaving,” Mari says. This can be a life saver, since the skin below the belt is extra sensitive and prone to irritation.

If you do happen to nick yourself while shaving your pointer, don’t fret: Our guide on how to treat every body grooming injury will have you patched up and ready for action in no time. Convenient, huh?