Dabbin': How Much Moisturizer Do You Actually Need?

DSC's product guru breaks down how much moisturizer you should be applying to your various extremities and provides tips to keep your skin soft as silk.


We’re in the thick of winter, which means dry skin is at an all-time high. While applying moisturizer may be a quick solve, how much to apply can be tricky—too little, and your skin’s still dry as a bone; too much, and you’re so greasy your clothes are still sticking to you by lunchtime. Above, you’ll see just how much moisturizer you should be applying to your face, hands, arms and legs as suggested by Dollar Shave Club’s resident product wiz Fadi Mourad, who also gave us some tips on getting the most from it.

“Before applying moisturizer, emulsify the cream [that is, rub it back and forth between your hands to warm it up],” Mourad explains. “This helps to distribute the active ingredients and to break down some of the waxes in the cream so it applies easily and evenly.” He also recommends applying moisturizer twice daily to areas where the skin is thinner—like the face and the top of the hands—while applying only once daily to the arms and legs, directly after a shower.

Finally, Mourad says it’s best practice to give your hands a little extra attention during the wintertime. “Hands are always exposed to the elements,” he explains. “That’s why it’s important to re-apply moisturizer after washing your hands, because the soap removes necessary moisture.” After all, a dry handshake is a bad handshake.