December Rompecabeza

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You’ve probably clicked on this post to discover the answer to December’s #DSCRompecabeza. Welp, we made a boo-boo. As you may or may not have suspected, the clues to our puzzle are wrong.

In fact, the clues should have been AUTUMN = 1-22-22-24-17-19 and SUMMER = 19-22-15-16-9-23.

Had we done our own puzzle correctly, the method for achieving the answer for WINTER would be to convert the placement of the letters in the alphabet into numbers: A=1, B=2, C=3…and Z=26. Then, starting with the second letter, the corresponding digit shifts +1 from it’s number in the alphabet. The third letter shifts +2, the fourth +3 and so on.

Using that as the key, the answers are as follows:

  • AUTUMN is written as 1-22-22-24-17-19 (1+0, 21+1, 20+2, 21+3, 13+4, 14+5)
  • SUMMER is written as 19-22-15-16-9-23 (19+0, 21+1, 13+2, 13+3, 5+4, 18+5)
  • WINTER is written as 23-10-16-23-9-23 (23+0, 9+1, 14+2, 20+3, 5+4, 18+5)

So, in conclusion, you aren’t taking crazy pills — it was us. Sorry about that!