DSC Debate: Towel Dry, or Air Dry?


Because it’s so ingrained into our morning routine, what we do in the bathroom has become instinctual. We each believe that our way is the way, and anyone who thinks otherwise is just plain wrong. And while, in truth, there’s never a right answer to these restroom-related disputes—toilet paper can, in fact, sit over or under the roll—it sure is fun to watch people argue over them.

Which is why we approached our esteemed Dollar Shave Club colleagues with the life altering question: To air dry or to towel dry?

Team Air Dry:

Josh S.: “Air drying is my way of procrastinating—having to start my day, having to restart my day, having to end my day. If I’m wet and nude, I can’t very well do anything else I need to do to get ready. Plus, my hair always looks more glorious when I air dry.”

Cristin L.: “Air drying is better for the environment and way more sanitary. Think about all those towel germs!”

Camille J.: Towels are so rough and scratchy on freshly washed skin. Why bother with that when you can just run around the house to dry off? Make sure to close up all your blinds, though.”

Tyree H.: Think about how good it feels to sit on the beach and let the sun dry you off. Same goes with air drying at home. It feels like I’m one with nature. Also, our ancestors didn’t have towels, and they were just fine.”

Bobby D.: “I love a nice air dry, but I never know what to do while I’m drying off. I’ll play with my phone for a bit, but then realize I’m naked and start feeling creepy. Or I’ll clean my room and get water all over the carpet. Maybe I shouldn’t air dry anymore?”

Team Towel Dry:

Alyssa H.: The problem with air drying is all the damn water on the floor. Water belongs in the tub, not all over your apartment.”

Luke L.: “Air drying is a slap in the face to the person who invented the comfort of cotton towels. Just imagine getting out of the shower every morning and having to sip your coffee in front of the bathroom mirror while waiting to dry off. Who has that kind of time?”

Jeff G.: “In the morning, I’m either sleeping or getting out the door. By my estimation, it takes 20 minutes to air dry, and I’d rather use that time in bed, snug as a bug in a rug.”

Michelle T.: “It’s all about heat retention for me. I imagine someone who air dries stepping out of the shower and having to drip dry in a cold, muggy room. Brrrr.”

Andrew P.: “Even my dog towel dries. That’s his favorite part of the shower.”

Now that our DSC employees have fought it out, it’s your turn. What say you? To towel or not to towel?