DSC Debate: Body Grooming, or Letting out Your Inner-Caveman?


Everyone, of course, has body hair. Some people trim it. Others wax it. Many let nature do its thang. A select few shave it into the shape of a cat. But however they choose to let it stay or go, they all have an opinion about it.

As such, we decided to let our fellow DSC employees tell you how they feel about body hair by asking them which is better: shaving from head to toe, or setting free your inner-caveman? Let the battle begin.

Team Hairless:

Bobby D.: “You haven’t experienced true bliss until you’ve slid under your bed sheets after a full-on manscaping—it tingles in all the right ways, and it’s SO breezy.”

Jeff W.: “As a cyclist, I absolutely have to shave my legs. The hair (1) gets in the way when I slip into my spandex; (2) chafes against my skin during long rides; (3) makes it difficult to apply sunscreens and ointments; and (4) blocks the view when people are trying to scope out my ripped calf muscles. Us cyclists like to show off our legs.”

Nick F.: “Guys need to at least trim their body hair for the sake of the general public. It’s the polite thing to do. I can grow two massive patches of hair on my back that would make people sick if I were to go shirtless at the beach. I wax them and shave everything else. Under the arms. Below the belt. The whole shebang. I don’t want to look like a moose at my friend’s pool party.

Gavin C.: “I’m a pretty hairy guy, so if I don’t give myself the occasional trim, the hair covers all my hard-earned muscle definition. I spent all those hours in the gym for a reason. Also, being totally shaven is just cleaner. Think about all the sweat and gunk that gets caught up in your body hair. Disgusting.”

Team Caveman:

Lee D.: “I’m a firm believer of not messing with how you were made and going with what you got. If you’re a hairy beast, so be it. Generally speaking, people look better when they stick with their natural appearance.”

Malek K.: “Shaving your face is hard enough. Who wants to spend an extra few hours shaving their body? Ain’t nobody got that kind of time. And then you have to deal with ingrown hairs. Which is no fun at all.”

Sean C.: I don’t manscape because (a) it itches like crazy; and (b), it makes me look and feel like I’m 12.”

Jack S.: “Body hair actually protects your skin from sunburns, wind burns and all that bad stuff. I’m an outdoorsy guy, so I leave it. Plus, I like to think it looks sexy.”

Maddy H.: “Guys are naturally pretty hairy, so a day or two after they shave, they feel like a cactus. It makes me want to barf just thinking about it. DO. NOT. SHAVE. YOUR. ENTIRE. BODY.”

Now that our DSC employees have fought it out, it’s your turn. What side of the debate do you land on? Tell us in the comments below.