DSC Debate: Flossing Before You Brush, or After You Brush?


Some people floss then brush. Others brush then floss. Many don’t floss at all—breaking the hearts of dentists everywhere. And while there’s no real evidence that one way is better than the other, everyone has their own approach to dental hygiene—especially our fellow DSC employees. Which is why decided to let them tell you how they feel about flossing: should you do it before you brush, or after you brush? Let the battle begin.

Team Floss First:

Luke L.: “I either floss beforehand, or I’m not going to floss at all. By the time I’m done brushing my teeth, any further attention to cleaning my mouth goes right out the door. My teeth (and my dentist) should be thankful that I’m flossing at all, right?”

Allison L.: “My aunt is a dentist, and she always told me to floss before I brush. Apparently brushing only pushes food crumbs further in-between your teeth, so you want to clear all that gunk out with floss before you get in there with a brush. Or at least so says my aunt.”

Jeff W.: “My gums usually feel pretty raw by the time I’m done brushing, so I floss beforehand. Things get pretty messy in there if I save flossing for afterwards.

Malek K.: “I’ve always been under the impression that flossing first clears the junk out between your teeth so the bristles on your toothbrush can better get up in there and do their job. Flossing first sweeps the area so all the footsoldiers can get in there for the fine cleaning.”

Jeff G.: “I floss before I brush because I like to see what I’ve caught. When I pull out a big piece of gunk, I feel accomplished—like I’ve done a good job of cleaning in between my teeth.”

Team Brush First:

Logan S.: “My dentist has always told me to brush first. That way, you get as much as you can with the brush, and you can help push the toothpaste into those nooks and crannies in between your teeth with the floss.”

Matt R.: “I like to treat cleaning my mouth like I do cleaning my house. Brushing is like a quick spot cleaning, and then I get in there with the floss for the fine detailing. It gets me motivated to give my mouth a good clean.”

Eleanor D.: “I ALWAYS floss after I brush. Not because my dentist told me to or anything. Just because brushing always reminds me that I need to floss. IT’S SO EASY TO FORGET!”

Nick V.: “Brushing does the heavy lifting—it clears any large leftovers out of the way and makes room for the floss to really get in those hard to reach areas. If I don’t brush first, I feel like I’m just pushing even more gunk in between my teeth.”

Teresa E.: “I actually like to sandwich my flossing between brushing. I’ll brush once to do a quick first time over. Next. I floss to clear things out between my teeth. Then I brush again to get all that fluoride goodness into those areas that the floss cleared out.”

Now that our DSC employees have fought it out, it’s your turn. What side of the debate do you land on? Tell us in the comments below.