DSC Debate: Morning, or Evening Showers? (Members’ Edition)


Last week, we asked our fellow DSC employees which is better: Showering in the morning or showering in the evening? We received plenty logical, calculated and, well, outright ridiculous responses. And now here’s where you, our readers, weighed in on the debate.

Team Morning Showers

Jesse C.: “Taking a shower in the morning jumpstarts your day. It’s a clear demarcation that a new set of opportunities are now available to you. It’s you readying yourself to face the challenges of a new day with your best face forward.”

Brian M.: “When you’re sleeping you drool, you sweat and you shed dead skin cells and then proceed to roll around in it all night. I would rather shower in the morning and start the day off clean. Showering at night is like not showering after you go to the gym.”

Ian R.: “Morning showers are the only way I can go about my day without having oily hair.”

Stephen K.: “How do people who shower at night wake up in the morning?”

Chad K.: “Morning showers soften my skin for a smooth, easy shaving experience.”

Team Evening Showers:

Alicia H.: “Night showers! They wash away the gunk and allergens—especially during spring—on your skin and hair, so you aren’t rolling around in them all night.”

Brian S.: “Taking evening showers gives me more time to shave. I tried morning showers, but between my wife and I trying to get ready, it just creates more of a hassle.”

Gordon M.: “I prefer to shower before bed, so I don’t need to wash my sheets as often.”

Able R.: “Evening shower for me. I usually have to wake up early for work, and then go to school and then go to boxing. A nice, hot shower takes the stress away, and I’ll switch to cold shower to relax my muscles and keep me up for some extra hours of studying.”

Brent O.: “Evening showers take off the day’s grime. Also, they’re relaxing right before bed…  Okay, I’ll admit, the real reason I taking showers at night is so I can sleep in as late as possible in the morning.”

Team Wildcard:

Jerry B.: “What’s a shower?”

Now that our members and our DSC employees have fought it out, which side do you think won the debate: Team Morning Showers or Team Evening Showers? Let us know in the comments below.