DSC Debates: Do You Need to Scrub Your Feet in the Shower?

During this DSC Debate, we argue about whether or not soapy runoff is enough to keep our feet clean.


When you’ve got one foot propped on the shower wall, the other trying not to slip on the wet floor, allowing soapy runoff to clean your feet suddenly seems like a reasonable option. Is that enough to prevent stinky toes? Do we really have to scrub our feet in the shower? We asked our fellow DSC colleagues about their thoughts on the matter, and it turned into quite the debate…

Team Scrub

Jackie R.: “CLEAN. YOUR. FEET. When you’re wearing close-toed shoes, your feet have literally been sitting in their own sweat and smells all day. And if you’ve been wearing sandals, they’re probably covered in gunk from off the street. Soapy runoff is not enough to clean all that grossness off.”

Kyle F.: “You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the cleansing tickles of shower sandal foot scrubbers. I picked up a pair in Little Tokyo, and can no longer shower without them.”

Adam G.: “I don’t usually wear socks with my shoes, so my feet have a pretty nasty stench after going to the gym. I’ve found that the only way to eliminate the smell is to give them a proper scrub in the shower.”

Allison L.: “I’m a bath person, so I like to give my feet a good soak for the duration of my time spent in the tub. That way, they’re nice, soft and somewhat clean when I go to scrub them, and I don’t have to deal with all that end-of-the-day nastiness that usually comes with scrubbing in the shower.”

Rocky P.: “This one hits me personally: My friend lets the soapy water do the job for him, claiming it saves time and water. Which sounds good in theory, but his feet are absolutely disgusting, and everyone knows it. Because of him, I wash my feet.”

Team No Scrub

Joe K.: “I don’t like bending over in the shower, but I know I should be cleaning my feet. So I work the system by covering the drain with a foot until the soapy water pools up, then I kick my feet around in there for a bit.”

Maria E.: “I get a deep clean every two weeks when I go in for a pedicure, to make up for not scrubbing my feet in the shower every day. Nobody’s got time for that.”

Krista A.: “Clean feet are important. That being said, the idea of lathering my feet up in slippery soap and proceeding to fall in the shower scares me to death. I’ll stick to letting the runoff do the trick.”

Logan S.: “I usually just drizzle my feet with a little bit of body wash then let the water do the rest of the work. I’d walk through a car wash to avoid having to scrub down my body, too, if I could.”

Ken M.: “One time I was scrubbing my feet and ended up slipping in the shower and falling on a ceramic mug (don’t ask why there was a ceramic mug in my shower). I broke my pelvis and had to be rushed to the emergency room to get stitches. The upside is my parents let me put the TV in my room while I recovered, but, as you can imagine, I don’t scrub my feet in the shower anymore.”

Now that our DSC employees have fought it out, it’s your turn. What side of the debate do you land on? Tell us in the comments below.