DSC Debates: Should Your Partner Leave You Alone When You're in the Bathroom?

“Between work and babies, the only time I get to myself anymore is in the bathroom, and interrupting that time is considered an act of war.”


For some, the bathroom is a refuge, a quiet place to gather their thoughts before going about their day. For others, it’s a place to take care of business, whether someone else is already in there or not. Since most couples have to find a way to share the bathroom, it invites the question: Should your partner leave you alone when you’re in there, or is sharing that space just a given? We asked a few of our DSC colleagues for their thoughts on the matter, and it turned into quite the debate…

Team Share

Camille J.: “In my opinion, you can’t have a healthy relationship without sharing the bathroom. Have you ever tried kicking a woman out of the bathroom before she’s done? It’s not pretty.”

Anthony M.: “It’s not that big of deal to me if I’m showering and my partner needs to come in and pee—we all do it, after all. That said, both my significant other and I prefer to be alone while going number two. If that’s happening, whoever’s outside of the bathroom will update the pooper with the score of the big game.”

Andrew F.: “My partner and I tend to get ready last minute, which means we more or less have to share the bathroom if we’re ever going to make it out of the house on time. That’s just how it goes with us.”

Erin T.: “It depends on what’s happening in the bathroom, but if I leave the door unlocked—which I usually do—sharing the bathroom is chill. My partner and I have been together for over four years now, so we’re pretty comfortable doing whatever in front of one another.”

Katarina P.: “Sharing the bathroom is just fine, but only—emphasis on only—if there’s an air freshener available.”

Team Lone

Nick L.: “The bathroom is my only remaining sanctuary. Between work and babies, the only time I get to myself anymore is in the bathroom, and interrupting that time is considered an act of war. To quote The Thick Of It’s hapless Hugh Abbot: ‘I work, I eat, I shower. That’s it. Occasionally, I take a dump—just as a sort of treat. I mean, that really is my treat. That’s what it’s come to. I sit there and I think, no, I’m not going to read The New Statesman. This is quality time just for me.’”

Melissa W.: “I have strong feelings about this: Pooping is an alone time activity. If I’m doing anything else in the bathroom, we can discuss whether or not it’s okay for you to be in there with me.”

Joe K.: “Generally speaking, I prefer my personal space when I’m in the bathroom, and I certainly know my partner appreciates the alone time when putting on her makeup. It’s tough to really focus on what you’re doing in there when you’re not alone.”

Allison L.: “As with many things, the line is drawn at poop. If my boyfriend wants to shower while I brush my teeth or comb my hair, however, that’s fine I suppose.”

Travis F.: “It all comes down to whether the door is locked or not. If it’s locked, it’s me time. If it’s not, that means I’ve invited my significant other to come join the party—if you know what I mean.”

Now that our DSC employees have fought it out, it’s your turn. What side of the debate do you land on? Tell us in the comments below.