DSC Debates: Spend the Holidays With Family, or Go on Vacation?

During this DSC Debate, people argue about whether we owe our parents a visit over the holidays, or if we owe ourselves a tropical getaway even more.


Holiday season: A special time of the year arguably best spent reconnecting with friends and catching up with family. Also, the perfect opportunity to skip town (and work) for a well-deserved vacation. Which puts us in a bit of a pickle: Do we spend the winter holidays with family, or enjoy some quality alone time sipping piña coladas on a tropical island? We asked our fellow DSC colleagues how they prefer to spend the holidays, and it turned into quite the debate…

Team Family

Logan S.: “Work is always a total stress cave before the holidays hit, which leaves me too wiped out to even consider traveling. Plus, all the stores and attractions would be closed for the holidays wherever I’d end up. I’ll stick to relaxing at the family abode.”

Camille J.: “There’s something about the cold winter weather that makes me nostalgic. Because of that, I can’t even imagine spending Christmastime with anyone but family.”

Kyle F.: “With just how busy my life has become, I don’t often get a chance to visit family. In fact, last time I spent Christmas with the fambam was back in 2009. So I’ll spend my winter holiday with the parents this time around.”

Stacy T.: “I’ll take spending the holidays with family all day everyday. For one, I’d be damned if I didn’t get to open presents on Christmas Day. And, in my family, winter is tamale season. I absolutely CANNOT miss that.”

Bobby D.: “Now that I’m a little bit older, my parents have quit badgering me with life advice—they just accept me for the goofy guy I’ve become. Also, getting drunk with my mom is really fun, so I’ll spend the holidays with her… and a large cup of spiked eggnog.”

Team Vacation

Allison L.: “My family lives across the country, and airfare around the holidays costs an arm and a leg. That’s why I usually spend my wintertime holidays on an old fashioned staycation—there’s really nothing like it.”

Jackie R.: “For many of us Jewish folk, Hanukkah isn’t one of the most important holidays, meaning I take it as an opportunity to get out of town. Gimme my time off—I’m outta’ here!”

Tyler P.: “I’m lucky enough to live pretty close to family, so I don’t feel like I have to spend Christmas with them. Instead, I usually go somewhere tropical—the weather is awesome in the tropics during wintertime.”

Erin T.: “Like Valentine’s Day, I’ve always been under the impression that Christmas is one of those manufactured holidays that just pressures us into buying stuff. I appreciate (and see) my family all the time, so I don’t feel like I need to stick around and buy into all the holiday mumbo jumbo. I’ll take a vacation, then tell the fam all about it when I get back.”

Riddhi M.: “Vacation all the way! Thanksgiving is for spending time with family, right… right?”

Now that our DSC employees have fought it out, it’s your turn. What side of the debate do you land on? Tell us in the comments below.