DSC Debates: Is Valentine's Day for Lovers, or for Suckers?

“Fun fact about myself: I’ve ended two relationships on Valentine’s Day, and I blame the holiday.”


Valentine’s Day: The perfect opportunity to shower your significant other in gifts to show them just how much you care, or the perfect opportunity to stick it to big corporations by absolutely not giving in to their money-raking holiday? We asked a few of our DSC colleagues which they thought was the right take, and it turned into quite the debate…

Team Lovers

Krista A.: “I’ve never been one to expect any kind of extra treatment from a significant other on Valentine’s Day, but I sure like being called someone’s ‘valentine.’ For that, I’ll give the holiday a thumbs up.”

Nick L.: “Ehh, I know Valentine’s Day is all a con and a way to make us spend money on things we don’t need, but so’s Christmas and no one complains about that. Plus, by the time you’ve got kids, you get precious few excuses for a real date with just the two of you, so I’ll take any excuse I can get.”

Allison L.: “I’ve always been under the impression that Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to tell the important people in your life that you love them. That said, I’ve never been much of a fan of the romantic aspect of it, it’s a bit cheesy.”

Louella C.: “Let’s be real, Valentine’s Day is good for two things: Chocolate and spending the day on the couch watching cheesy romance movies.”

Travis F.: “Valentine’s Day has always been a day to look forward to in my book. I’m not exactly sure why, though… maybe it’s because everyone got candy on Valentine’s Day when we were younger. What ever happened to that rule, huh?”

Team Suckers

Jacob S.: “Valentine’s Day is for suckers, and I’ll tell you why: You shouldn’t only show your love and appreciation for a significant other one day out of the year. In fact, I bet we’d all cherish gifts a little more if we received them sporadically throughout the year, rather than on a day invented to cash out on suckers.”

Logan S.: “I don’t appreciate being forced into a preset menu while dining out. All the good dinner spots have a preset menu on Valentine’s Day because their kitchen is too backed up to accommodate the full menu. It’s the worst!”

Malcolm S.: “I might just be saying this because I’m single, but Valentine’s Day is totally for suckers. In fact, any holiday that makes someone feel like they have to spend money on someone else to make them happy is for suckers. Go spend time with each other instead. That’s worth more than chocolates and flowers.”

Erin T.: “While it’s nice to feel special and know someone’s thinking about you, Valentine’s Day is still just another capitalistic ploy—but what isn’t nowadays? Can we cool it with all the spending, guys?”

Bobby D.: “Fun fact about myself: I’ve ended two relationships on Valentine’s Day, and I blame the holiday. The pressure of having to pick out an awesome gift because it’s the ‘lover’s holiday’ made me do it, I swear!”

Now that our DSC employees have fought it out, it’s your turn. What side of the debate do you land on? Tell us in the comments below.