DSC Member: Jeff Borack, Bean Counter


Long lines, high prices and know-it-all baristas are just three things that await you in the never-ending quest to stay caffeinated. Entrepreneur Jeff Borack, founder of Angels’ Cup, feels your pain. Which is why he ships 100-percent Arabica, single-origin coffee straight to your doorstep every month. And the best part: It’ll only cost you as much as a pumpkin spice latte—extra whip, of course.

Here’s Jeff on his love for coffee, Angels’ Cup being more than just a bean delivery service and his daily caffeine intake.

On Jeff’s tumultuous relationship with coffee: “I had a teacher in middle school who always drank coffee, and her breath was brutal. I swore I would never drink the stuff, but I should have known better because I loved coffee flavored ice cream and yogurt even as a kid. It was meant to be.”

On the spark that started Angels’ Cup: “It all started because I wanted to use a coffee subscription service. Not only was I looking for a way to develop a stronger sense of taste, but I was also getting tired of reading the flavor notes on a bag of coffee and thinking ‘my coffee doesn’t taste anything like this.’ With Angels’ Cup, you get to see tasting notes from hundreds of our users combined into an accurate average.”

On bringing in new beans: “We get a shipment of coffee in once per week, pack it all up overnight, and get it back in the mail the next day. So each week we ship 4 new coffees that we’ve never shipped before, and we never ship them again. That adds up to 208 coffees per year!”

On Angels’ Cup as a “coffee school:” “We noticed early on that about 20 percent of our subscribers were actual coffee professionals: Baristas, roasters and budding coffee entrepreneurs. We didn’t necessarily set out to be a “coffee school” by any means, but it turns out that sharpening your taste and refining your palate is a never ending process, and there’s no better way to do that than by using our app to compare tasting notes with the roastmasters and the other members of our community.”

On Jeff’s own coffee intake: “My superpower is immunity to caffeine withdrawal. Some days I’ll have over 48 ounces of coffee, and other days I’ll go entirely without coffee (the only side effect being sleepiness). However, I try to avoid drinking coffee past 8 p.m. or I’ll be up all night. If I have to taste coffee at night, I’ll swirl and spit.”

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