DSC Member: Jen Hubert, Fields of Good


Born and raised in a family of farmers, it’s only natural that Jen Hubert wants to make sure everyone gets fed. That’s why Jen and her parents Ray and Nancy, owners of Hlubik Farms, started Dinner on the Farm—an annual September fundraiser to benefit the New Jersey Agricultural Society’s “Farmers Against Hunger” Program, a charity that delivers local produce to food banks in time for Thanksgiving.

Here’s Jen on the history of Hlubik Farms, growing up in a farming family and hosting their annual Dinner On The Farm benefit event.

On how Hlubik Farms got its start: “My grandfather, Joe, farmed several pieces of land before settling on Hlubik. During Hlubik Farm’s early days, we raised cattle, crops and even produced tomatoes for Campbell’s Soup Company. Whatever my dad and his brothers didn’t sell at market they sold at a small roadside stand. Eventually the stand expanded to what it is now: A commercial kitchen and bakery.”

On growing up and working on the farm: “We didn’t actually live there until I was in middle school, but I would spend summers there. My sister and I both worked every summer, probably from the time we were old enough to count change. We started by helping out at the stand bagging corn and carrying tomatoes. We got to drive the corn tractor once we were tall enough to reach the pedals.”

On hosting Dinner On The Farm: “We started hosting Dinner on the Farm a few years ago to benefit the NJ Agricultural Society’s Farmers Against Hunger program. The original dinner was run entirely by a local restaurant, but after two years we realized the dinner could become so much more. So we took over, found a new restaurant and turned it into a total fundraiser event. Now, we have a different theme each year, featuring dishes from various parts of the designated region.”

On their relationship with Farmers Against Hunger: Farmers Against Hunger is an organization that sends volunteers to different farms at the height of various produce seasons to gather any extra produce and send it to food banks in time for Thanksgiving so that families have fresh food to put on their tables. I’m happy that we get to help provide healthy, delicious products of the Garden State to those who need it most on Turkey Day.”

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