DSC Member: Hey LUCAS HAMLIN, Paint My Ride


This week, we’re profiling Lucas Hamlin. The owner of Portland-based Fat Wallet Customs, Lucas has been restoring and custom-painting cars since he was 19 years old. Fifteen years later, no request stumps him. He can candy coat your ‘64 Lincoln, make sure your flames don’t look like crab claws and even put a fish tank in your rims—Xzibit, Pimp My Ride style. He just doesn’t recommend the latter…

Q: Be honest: Has anyone ever come in asking for a lavender paint job and a Texas Longhorn hood adornment?

A: Everybody comes in with their own ideas. Admittedly, not all of them are good. The good news is that most people are receptive to suggestions—as long as you don’t stray too far from their original idea. And for the record: Purple isn’t necessarily a bad color; you’ve just got to do the right one.

Q: What’s your all-time favorite project?

A: I did a ‘64 Lincoln, black-on-black with suicide back doors that I really liked. I’ve got a 1950 Buick Super, which is my favorite car ever.

Q: Flames: Are they in, or are they out?

A: We do them. There are a bunch of different styles—pearly ghost flames, pin-striped, true-fire stuff that actually looks like it’s on fire. The cheesy stuff is hard not to laugh at because it looks like crab claws.

Q: Do you do bikes as well?

A: If it’ll sit still, we’ll paint it.

Q:  You ever try to put a fish tank inside a fish tank inside somebody’s rims?

A: I mean, I could. Whatever anybody wants done is doable, but that’s pretty out there.

Q: What’s the most satisfying part of pimping people’s rides?

A: It’s cool when guys start taking the cars I’ve worked on out to shows and win a bunch of trophies. That’s the best feeling in the world.

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