DSC Member: Sean Homrig, Man of Mystery


Whether it was Colonel Mustard or Miss Peacock in the study with the rope, nothing beats a classic murder mystery. But if a game of Clue no longer brings out your inner Sherlock, it’s time to kick things up a notch. Which is why Sean Homrig began hosting dinner parties to die for with his Texas-based event company, Murder for Hire.

With the help of a little audience participation, Sean turns stuffy dinners into engaging murder mystery scenes. But don’t worry, nobody’s actually getting whacked.

Here’s Sean on becoming a murder mysteries fanatic, playing Clue as a child and hosting Doctor Who podcasts:

On discovering his love for murder mysteries: “I read Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None when I was a kid. Ever since, I’ve read every murder mystery I could get my hands on; I even hosted murder mystery parties way back when I was in high school.”

On playing Clue as a kid: “I ended up using the board as a blueprint for my very own murder house and would act out mysteries using the game pieces. Yes, my parents worried about me!”

On being too excited during a murder mystery party: “During one party, some poor guy tripped on a carpet and fell flat on his face. One lady thought this was part of the event and screamed, ‘Oh my God, it’s happening already!’ The gentleman, by the way, bruised nothing except his dignity.”

On Sean’s hobbies outside of Murder for Hire: “I co-host four podcasts. To Doctor Who fans who like to listen to podcasts, I’m probably best known as the co-host of The TARDIS Tavern.”

On his words to live by: “Never fry bacon naked, and never eat yellow snow.”

Solve mysteries with Sean at www.murderforhiretexas.com.