Dudes, You’re Not Keeping Your ‘Basement’ Area Clean Enough

And you might end up with *gasp* a swollen pecker!


Most of us guys care dearly about the delicate kielbasa between our legs, but apparently, many of us seldom perform the comprehensive cleaning it deserves (which might explain why five percent of men are still hosing down their junk with cologne). This, of course, is how we end up with stank dong (or worse, a pecker infection). To help us all avoid that mess, I asked dermatologist Anthony Rossi to share some peen-cleaning advice, which he was more than happy to provide.

For starters, Rossi confirms that loads and loads of men could benefit from improving their crotch hygiene. “I’m often consulted to see men for penile lesions, rashes and problems such as jock itch and phimosis,” he says. Phimosis is when the foreskin refuses to retract from around the tip of the penis (ouch) and can be the result of improper hygiene, particularly among uncircumcised men.

Balanitis [inflammation of your mushroom tip] and a complication of it, called phimosis, are problems that uncircumcised men can experience if there’s a buildup of bacteria and yeast under the foreskin,” Rossi explains, adding that, while less common, circumcised men can also get balanitis. “It can become quite painful and require circumcision. So, it’s important that men retract their foreskin and clean underneath to remove the buildup of smegma.” Even if you’re circumcised, just make sure that soap is getting into any crevices so you don’t end up with a swollen piece.

Besides getting all up in there, the simplest way to avoid these issues is to bolster your cleaning routine by using more soap and more scrubbing, especially after any heavy bouts of sweating. “Good washing with a thorough soaping (and suds) is definitely helpful on the groin area,” Rossi explains. “You should always wash after exercising to get rid of sweat and bacteria that builds up. This can help prevent issues like fungal infections that cause ringworm or jock itch.” And while you’re at it, make sure to give your butt a good scrubbing, too.

Rossi also says that, while “pubic hair grooming is a matter of preference, trimming can be helpful, as it may help you clean the skin easier, especially in areas like the inguinal folds [or, groin folds]. It also helps you see the skin easier.” So, maybe consider chopping your hedges if you feel like they’re getting in the way of you keeping things clean down there.

And that about does it, my dudes. If you take anything away from this article, it should be that you should never be afraid to give your ween a little extra love — and by love, we mean soap.