DSC Member: Eli Topete, Her Food Will Change Your Life

photo credit: Marco Franchina ©

The world has a right to know how amazingly awesome Dollar Shave Club members are. So every Monday, we spotlight one of them to give you a peek into their awesomeness. This week, we’re profiling Eli Topete, a DSC member since September 2013. Last year, she started Elicious, a meal-delivery service that strictly adheres to the Paleo diet’s high-protein, low-carb principals. Her menu options stretch from breakfast (chorizo frittata) to dinner (seafood enchiladas). Cavemen never ate so good. 

Being Paleo is a little like converting to a new religion. You want everyone else to hear about it so you can covert the masses. It really has changed my life, though. After starting the Paleo diet, I dropped 30 pounds in less than two months. Which has been great for my long-term health because I come from a family that’s overweight, diabetic and predisposed to heart disease. I’m also never hungry—something I never would have believed when I first started the diet. My husband, who is an L.A. firefighter and a huge meat-and-potatoes guy, used to ask, “Where are my carbs?” I would always tell him, “The vegetables are the carbs!”

– Eli Topete, DSC Member since September 2013 and founder of www.EliciousPaleo.com

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